TMC Virtus Style mask – Black


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Taking inspiration from the Revision Viper Mandible Guard – TMC have got your back at a fraction of the cost, this “” style head protection will have your lower face protected so you don’t get hit on skin. The mask slides into any rail on a helmet and has 2 twist locks on the back to secure it further, however if these was to come loose the security from the front rail mounts are enough to keep it secure. The mask durable and will take plenty of punishment, it is also far enough away from your mouth that it wont cause a bad airflow: this means it wont add to any fogging issues, its also close enough that most BB’s wont be able to hit the lower of your face, however due to it sitting away from your face there is a change a BB can get under. These are available in a number of colours: Black Tan Grey Multi Cam Tropic & MTP *Please note that this product is just the lower face mask, pictured with helmets for illustration purposes.

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