PTS EPM Recoil Mid-Cap Magazine – Tan


One of the most sought out magazines available for your airsoft rifle


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PTS Syndicate – EPM Enhanced Polymer NGRS Recoil Mid-Cap Magazine – Tan is a medium capacity 120 rounds (Mid Cap) magazine designed for use with Tokyo Marui Airsoft 6mm Electic Guns (NGRS). The magazine is constructed from tough DuPont Zytel Polymer, making it extremely durable and robust with a great finish. The bottom of the magazine features a rubber ridged base plate, allowing the weapons operator to pivot on magazine point and reduce slipages whilst prone. The angled base is designed to be still comfortable when drawn from pouches whilst not inhibiting the closure of pouch flaps and tops. The side of the magazine features a rounds window, which shows dummy 5.56 rounds, and allows you to see how many BB you have left in your magazine. This magazine offers 50% more ammo than the original Tokyo Marui recoil magazines and even provides the bolt stop detection so your weapon will stop firing once you have used all the ammo.

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