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About Z.E.R.T. is an organization that uses the Zombie as a metaphor for any one of numerous natural or man made disasters that have and will occur in our lives. Mission Bring professionalism to the firearms industry. Description Z.E.R.T. uses the Zombie as a metaphor for any one of numerous natural or man made disasters that have and will occur in our lives. Hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, criminal attacks, or any type of situation where being prepared, trained and most important, armed with the proper mindset is required to see you and your family through to safety. Z.E.R.T. fosters a friendly and safe environment for people from all walks of life and backgrounds to interact, learn and train together. The Zombie Apocalypse theme is a bridge to many people who otherwise may not seek out traditional training courses. Through being a part of Z.E.R.T. they are exposed to many different opportunities for enhancing their skills. Participation in Z.E.R.T. Training courses also creates safe students with a foundation in the basics that can be applied to courses and activities anywhere in the shooting/training world. Each Z.E.R.T. member can take it as far as they wish to go, at their own pace with the emphasis being on a safe fun experience for all involved. Join Z.E.R.T. to start your journey to being ready for when your own personal Zombie Apocalypse happens. Plus its a hell of a lot of fun. Z.E.R.T has the best tier 1 instructors to teaching real word dynamic Handgun, Rifle, Combat Survival courses and clinics. Z.E.R.T. Squadrons Globally -United States X Squadron – West Coast Y Squadron – Central Z Squadron – East Coast -Canada XC Squadron – Western Canada YC Squadron – Central Canada ZC Squadron – East Canada -United Kingdom R Squadron – Ireland S Squadron – Scotland T Squadron ( Tiger ) Britain -European Countries VS Squadron – (Viking) Sweden VF Squadron – (Viking) Finland VN Squadron – (Viking) Norway VD Squadron – (Viking) Denmark F Squadron – Germany FF Squadron – France FS Squadron – Switzerland FA Squadron – Austria GI Squadron – Italy GS Squadron – Spain GP Squadron – Portugal GG- Squadron – Greece Q Squadron – Australia A Squadron – South Americ


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